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We advocate for gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls
in all aspects of life. 

Seeking to bring awareness to issues that have profound effects on girls and women; we work to give voice to those who are unable to speak for themselves. We provide support for causes that benefit the well-being of girls and women, and we advocate concrete and specific ways of decreasing intimate partner violence and sexual assault

 Events and Initiatives, 2024-2025

SEMO Welcome Back Picnic “No means NO” initiative 

Women’s Equality Day awareness campaign

Bathroom Blitz 

United Nations Day report 

Vintage NOW initiative

United Nations Day

16 Days of Activism launch and City Proclamation

Women of Achievement Luncheon initiative

Zonta says NO “Orange the Campus”  


International Women’s Day

April, Sexual Assault Awareness Month  

Candlelight vigil for women murdered in Missouri

Walk in the Park with Green Bear (SEMO NASV)

SEMO University Unity Walk 

SEMO Denim Day Booth

Men of Courage breakfast


Contact Us at
PO Box 204
Cape Girardeau, MO  63702